Friday, February 24, 2012

How to Make Hair Bows Google Plus Page

Guess what?! We are now on Google Plus and we love it! :) Connect with me there to be the first to know about new hair bow instructions videos I post and get all kinds of great tips as you learn how to make hair bows.

Here's my Google Plus page where I'd love to connect with you so please add me in one of your circles:

If you haven't been on Google Plus yet, it's a great service which allows you to follow status updates from your friends and favorite businesses (like me!) :) Plus you can share cool websites you like and also videos too! I love to post links to my Youtube videos on there so I can share my new "how to make hair bows" instructions with you as soon as I publish them online. Here is one example of a video I recently posted to my Google Plus page:

How To Make A Hair Bow Easy! Perfect for Girls or Teens - Simple Step By Step Instructions

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  1. Hi thanks for visiting. The Twitter follow feature that you questioned is actually a Rafflecoptor glitch, you can kinda tell since it's not the normal format of a self "chosen task". Hopefully it will resolve itself, I noticed it usually does.