Saturday, February 28, 2009

How To Use Decorative Bows As Gifts (Once You Have Learned How To Make Bows)

After you learn how to make decorative bows you will then need some ideas on how you can use your decorative bow. Decorative bows and gift bows are great additions to any present, package, basket, or vase. Try adding your decorative bow to the handle of a basket and then filling the basket with all kinds of goodies. You can even make a decorative bow using ribbon that will coordinate with the theme of your basket.

Decorative bows are a great touch to a hand-made item you are giving as a gift. For example, you can place a decorative bow around a ceramic vase or a framed piece of artwork or framed photo. You can even wrap the gift first and then place your decorative bow on the outside of the wrapped package.

I also like to use decorative bows as part of the gift itself. Try creating a beautiful centerpiece with items you can find in the craft store. Then add bows throughout and finish off with pillar candles; you can even place decorative bows at the base of the candle. Another way to use decorative bows as part of a gift would be to create a wreath (or even buy a ready made plain wreath at the craft store) and then decorate it with ribbon wrapped around the wreath with decorative bows (one or even a few) to jazz it up.

People just love hand-made items to show that you put time into making their gift for them. Decorative bows are a great way to use some beautiful ribbon and just a few other supplies to create a gorgeous decoration for any gift. Add that special touch to your gift by finishing it off with decorative bows.

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