Saturday, February 28, 2009

You Can Learn How to Make a Bow for Infants’ and Girls’ Hair

I have been so excited that I was able to learn how to make a bow! It has been a lot of fun to know that I can make a bow for my friend’s infant girls. What a great baby shower gift to give a personal hand-made present because you have learned how to make a bow. My favorite hair bows to make for infants and little girls would be the interchangeable hair bow headbands that can be used around an infant head to hold any type of small hair bow. I also learned how to make a bow called a trendy clip which is great for little girls with fine hair. It is a small bow that is on an alligator clip that stays really well in thin hair which so many little girls have. How great is it that I know how to make a bow that even girls with fine hair can wear; they certainly do not want to be left out when they see so many older girls wearing beautiful hair bows.

If you want to learn how to make a bow for an infant or little girl with fine hair, I would definitely suggest making an interchangeable hair bow headband or even a trendy clip. Those would be the two best hair bows to start with, until they are older and their hair can hold a larger bow. You do not want to have a hair bow that is too large for a little girl because it will be uncomfortable for them and they will want to constantly pull it out of their hair.

Have fun making hair bows and choosing all kinds of beautiful ribbon to make a bow with. There are so many different types of hair bows that you can make and it is so much fun once you know how to make a bow.

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