Saturday, February 28, 2009

Why I Learned How To Make Hair Bows Instead of Buying Already Made Hair Bows

Once you learn how to make bows, you will definitely want to make bows instead of buying them at the store. There are so many great types of ribbon available at your local craft store that you can buy to make bows of all different styles. You can even find great deals in the dollar bins at the craft store and also clearance ribbon available throughout the year. When you make bows yourself you will certainly save a lot of money and you will have fun too. I was surprised that many of the already made bows from various types of holiday ribbon for sale at the craft store were priced up to $70.00 for one large bow. You could make bows for just a fraction of that cost. Even the more elaborate bows with a few different layers of various ribbon is something you could make instead of purchasing.

I love being able to make bows that I can use to decorate my house or give as gifts. I think it adds such a special personal touch when you can share that you know how to make bows and created one especially for them. The best part when you make bows is that you can pick out ribbon that is well suited to the person’s taste and likes. For example, my friend’s daughter loves flowers and has a May birthday. This is perfect because I am able to purchase all kinds of flower ribbon, especially during spring time, and then I can make bows for her. I’ll be making hair bows for her in a variety of styles with a bunch of different ribbon. Since I found some great decorative bow ribbon I’m going to make bows out of that and then add those bows to the outside of the wrapped box of hair bows. I even found some ribbon to make bows in the dollar bins so this will be a very reasonably priced gift and better yet, it will be home-made because I know how to make bows!

Jenn Spencer enjoys making bows and especially loves teaching others how to make hair bows and decorative bows. For more information, please visit her site

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